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Oil Changes are an important process to maintaining your vehicle

Why use quick oil change shops?    Pros VS. cons


Name Brand oil

They are fast and convenient


They figure you'll pay more in exchange for convenience..

They hire 18 + year old kids that are trained for 2 weeks to work on your car.

They have problems with making sure the drain plug is tight once job is done or the same with the oil filter, they created a phrase for this called oil out's.

They sell you service they don't even perform.

At Envision Automotive we feel that your time is worth the wait. Having your vehicle checked out while in for a simple oil change shouldn't make you worry. This could help save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if we find something wrong that would of been over-looked by someone else.

Better oil equals longer life engines, using the right weight oil is also important.

We pride ourselves in making sure your vehicle is handled with care. 

So Let us show you how things have changed in the automotive service industry and what sets us apart from all the rest. 






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Info about oil you may not know!

Premium conventional oil:   This is the standard new car oil. All leading brands have one for service level SL, available in several viscosities.  The carmakers usually specify a 5w20 or 5w30 oil, particularly for lower temperatures, with a 10w30 oil optional, particularly for higher ambient temperatures. These three ratings cover just about every light-duty vehicle on the road. Even more important is changing the oil and filter regularly, about every 4,000 miles/4 months is good practice.   And if your car has an oil change reminder do not exceed its warnings!   

Higher mileage oils

Today's vehicles last longer, and if you like the idea of paying off a car and running the mileage well above the six figures mark on the odometer, you have another oil choice. These oils are formulated for higher mileage vehicles and concerning that 2/3 of cars on the road today have over 75,000 miles on them this is a prime choice for those vehicles. When your car or light truck/SUV is somewhat older it has considerably more mileage, you may notice a few oil stains on the garage floor. It's about this time that you need to add a quart more often from when the vehicle was new.  Crankshaft seal may have hardened and lost its flexibility, so they leak ( particlarly at low temperatures) and may crack. The higher-mileage oils are formulated with seal conditioners which flow into the pores of the seals to restore their shape and increase their flexibility. In most cases, rubber seal are designed to swell just enough to stop leaks.

But the oil refiners pick their "reswelling" ingredients carefully.


Synthetic and Synthetic blends

Full Synthetic

The oils made for high-tech engines whether in a Corvette or Mercedes-Benz, are full synthetics.

They Have superior longer- lasting performance in all the critical areas from viscosity index to protection against deposits. They flow better at low temperatures and maintain peak lubricity at high temperatures.  So why shouldn't everyone use them? Answer: these oils are expensive and not ever engine needs them.  In fact, their may be some features that your car's engine needs that the synthetics don't have.  Follow your owners manual to see whats recommended ..


These have a dose of synthetic oil mixed with organic oil, and overall are formulated to provide protection for somewhat heavier loads and high temperatures. This generally mean they're less volatile, so they evaporate far less, which reduces oil loss ( and increases fuel economy).  They're poplar with drivers of trucks/SUV that want the high load protection, and they are a lot cheaper then full synthetics.   ,


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