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Normally Converters don't just go bad because they are old, something causes this to happen. knowing your at the right shop that can figure this problem out helps save you money and time. How does  it save you money if it's going to cost you more to fix the problem that burned out your converter you wonder?

When replacing a converter it's important that your using a replacement part that is rated with the same load range as the factory part, or it's just going to burn out again even if the problem that created the issue was fixed. If that happens its probably going to be out of warranty and your just going to end up spending more money to fix this again plus the main problem is probably going to be more apparent now. Back pressure is important for engine performance for stock vehicles because of pre-programing, tuning and fuel consumption. O2 sensors also play a role in the information being sent back to the engines computer showing how this system is operating.  

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Catalytic Converter replacement

Some shops would just replace the converter thinking this is what is bad, most of the time it's when a engine light comes on and a 420 code is recovered. 

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We use factory load replacement converters

Complete Exhaust Replacement

Factory mufflers to performance

From 1 7/8 to 5 inch pipe

Want more power or better sound

or just want loud?

We also do dual exhaust from single in dual out, dual in dual out.

All the big name brands