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What does engine performance mean?

Your vehicle has been programed for a certain operation setting and tries to keep up with this to meet the best run ability to maximize miles per gallon.

Over years of the engine running certain things start to ware out and show signs of a lack of engine performance. 

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Dirty Fuel injectors often are over looked. These need to be cleaned to help prevent running problems. Fuel injectors supply fuel to the engine on each cylinder and if they are dirty and not working right it can cause the engine to misfire. This could cause more problems if running for long periods of time.

We suggest having this cleaned every 30,000 miles.  

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Fuel injection cleaning is also designed to help prevent build up on intake valves.

This build up is often because of cheap gas being used, vehicle maintenance not being done for long periods of time. And can even start from the valve  seals burning up from prolonged oil changes and even using the wrong type of oil for the age on the engine.

So make sure to ask us about what we can do to help prevent this from happening.

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spark plugs deliver spark to each cylinder and over time need replaced due to age and ware, ignition problems, engine running to lean or rich, or even valve seals not performing properly and allowing seepage.

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Because engines has moving parts that  work with electronically controlled parts it is important that these items are maintained and inspected to insure things will run normally.  Using a shop that understands these things only helps save you money and time, and will help make your vehicle last longer and run better.


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