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A/C system recovery and charging

Most a/c systems contain most the same parts. 

Compressor, condensor, receiver dryer (also known as  accumulator) , orifice tube, expansion valve, dis-charge and suction lines, evaporator core, blower motor, motor resister, blend door or air door, air door motor, cooling fans, high pressure switch, a/c/ heater switch. Some vehicles have 2 evaporator cores if they have rear a/c vents. But needless to say this is not as easy as just topping off fluids and your good!


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A/C is a liquid compressed into gas and cooled , this system is sealed from the outside elements because it can become contaminated if dirt or debris gets into this system causing hundred and thousand or dollars in repairs. If a compressor with years of use become locked this will put metal shavings into the fluid and most places would say you would have to replace everything. In most cases this would be right but with the right equipment you can have the a/c system flushed of any contaminants first to see if everything is going to work in proper order before just deeming everything bad. With this brand new robin air machine it not only flushes the vehicle but we can print out how much oil, gas and dye was put in with gauge readings, so that way you can see the performance of your vehicles a/c system and have record of how it continues to work years down the road.     

So the next time you have a problem with your air think of these things and ask yourself, is this something you want to put a bandaid on or do you want it fixed?

Don't just add gas to the system thinking that might fix your problem. Have one of our ASE mechanics check it out. If there is a leak we can find it and fix it fast before it becomes a big problem and does to much damage.


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